If you've ever had to email someone a long URL, or include one in a printed document, you'll be aware of what a nuisance excessively long URLs can be. Shortlinks allow you to create a short URL that you can give to people instead.

For example, you could use: annoying-we-have-lots-of-text and/numbers,123142342423434530898798798

Or you could use instead.

To create a shortlink of your own, go to and enter your long URL in the box. You will then be given a shortlink that refers to the long URL.

Alternatively, enter a URL in the box below to make a shortlink.


For more information, and the source code (woo yay!) to the shortlink generator, pay a visit to The Incredible Shortlink Technology Page of Doom (TM).


You can also use a bookmarklet to generate shortlinks. This is a special kind of bookmark that allows you to visit a page, then click on the bookmark in your browser to generate a shortlink to the page. To use the bookmarklet for this shortlink service, you need to use the shortlink bookmark. In mozilla, right click the link, and select 'bookmark this link. In Internet Explorer, right click the link, and select 'add to favourites'.

Once you've done this, you can visit any page. To generate a shortlink to that page, simply select the bookmark/favourite.


As always with free things, there are some conditions. I'm providing this service for free, with no adverts because it's useful for me, and because I think it's a handy service to offer people. I will try to keep your shortlinks around for as long as possible but in the event of nuclear war, asteroid impact, or even more mundane problems, like server failure, I make no guarantees. In short, feel free to use this as much as you like, but don't blame me if it breaks.

Due to the simple format the shortlinks use, it's possible for anyone to view any short links that are posted, so please don't create any short links to sensitive personal information.