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27/05/03 - Thanks to Randi, Tred, and the listeners of The River Morning Crew for helping the PCC past 4 million clicks!

02/11/02 - The PCC is featured in a national newspaper. Thanks for frugle for scanning the clipping from The Star.

28/10/02 - The PCC hits 2 million clicks!

16/10/02 - The PCC is features on, and gets a large number of hits in a few days. We're getting close to the 2 million mark now...

17/07/02 - woo yay - you can now get PCC merchandise in the PCC shop.
I'm such a sellout, but it's better than banner ads ;)

17/07/02 - The Pointless Click counter is going to be on TV! I'm being interviewed tomorrow morning for meridian tonight, a local news programme in the south-east of England.

17/07/02 - After taking down the PCC on hitting a million clicks, I got loads of email asking for it to be put back, so I have. There's no target now though, so it really is completely pointless. I may hide a few little surprises at certain numbers though...

15/07/02 - Congratulations to Ramsay Taylor, in toronto, for getting the millionth click.


I've had enough contact emails and media attention now asking for information that it's going to save time to put up a page dedicated to the PCC.

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to those of you who've got in touch - it's really nice to know that this is appreciated, even if it's pointless. Secondly, you all have WAY too much time on your hands ;)

I had the idea for the pointless click counter some time last year, while testing a simple hit counter for a friend. I wrote some simple code for it, and put it on my website. Over the year, it gained a few thousand clicks, slowly. Then, last friday, b3ta linked to it from their newsletter, which goes out to about 40,000 people. By monday, I'd hit the target of 1 million.