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2007-01-01 Cars

Updated: Tue Jan 2 17:13:24 2007


Happy New Year to anybody reading this.

These are some cars in Sainsbury's car park. Not a very exciting start to the new year, I'm afraid.

2006-12-31 Cat in a Box

Updated: Tue Jan 2 17:12:07 2007

Cat in a Box

This is a picture of Oscar, Ben and Claire's cat. We saw in the new year at theirs, along with a few other friends, a few new faces and a collection of boardgames. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

2006-12-30 Infra Red Photography testing

Updated: Tue Jan 2 17:09:18 2007

IR Sensor

I did absolutely nothing today, so this photo is cheating. This photo came about as a result of testing that my camera will photograph infra-red light. A brief shot of a remote control suggests it will.

Now all I need is an IR filter...

2006-12-29 Horse Penis Kebab?

Updated: Tue Jan 2 17:05:55 2007

Horse Penis Kebab

We went out for curry with Lizzie's mum and brother yesterday, partly as an early birthday meal for me (yay). Phil had their mixed grill, which included this kebab.

It's not really horse penis, but we did joke about it and it'll be interesting to see how many people find this page after searching for 'horse penis'. Sick bastards. If anyone finds this page after searching for 'horse penis kebab' then I shall lose the will to live.

2006-12-28 Steenbergs Organic Spices

Updated: Thu Dec 28 22:52:50 2006

Steenbergs Organic Spices

Another present from Lizzie - a box of Organic Indian Spices from Steenbergs. I've been after some spices from them for ages after a recommendation from Rachel.

I'll definately be after some more now...

2006-12-27 Giraffe

Updated: Thu Dec 28 22:50:42 2006


Our Cuddly Giraffe. He rocks.

2006-12-26 Picoo Z R/C Helicopter

Updated: Thu Dec 28 22:49:45 2006

Picoo Z R/C Helicopter

Lizzie bought me this awesome Picoo Z Helicopter for Christmas. It's tiny enough that you can fly it round our living room, and loads of fun to play with.

It's a shame that you have to wait 30 minutes for it to charge between each 10 minute flight, but it's well worth the wait. I've not had this much fun with a 'toy' for ages.

2006-12-25 Christmas Dinner

Updated: Thu Dec 28 22:44:50 2006

Christmas Dinner

Mmmm, Christmas Dinner. It's a shame I don't get chance to cook a good roast more often.

2006-12-24 Christmas Tree Decorations

Updated: Thu Dec 28 22:43:44 2006

Christmas Tree Decorations

This is one of the lovely Christmas Tree decorations we bought from the fantastic German market in Whitefriars, Canterbury that's appeared in the days leading up to Christmas.

2006-12-23 Christingles

Updated: Sun Dec 24 11:45:16 2006


We made these Christingles today. Our flat now smells of oranges and cloves. mmmm.

2006-12-22 Christmas Tree Angel

Updated: Sun Dec 24 11:44:01 2006

Christmas Tree Angel

We spent ages hunting round town for a suitable decoration for the top of our Christmas tree. We eventually found this in the Canterbury Cathedral.

2006-12-21 Ceiling Lights

Updated: Sun Dec 24 11:40:53 2006

Ceiling Lights

A row of ceiling lights in a cafe.

2006-12-20 Chimneys in Bath

Updated: Sun Dec 24 11:39:53 2006

Chimneys in Bath

Another picture from our weekend in Bath today. Some of the stonework there is really nice, but the colours of this chimney really stood out.

2006-12-19 Telephone Cables

Updated: Sun Dec 24 11:38:45 2006

Telephone Cables

This was the view outside our kitchen window when I woke up this morning.

2006-12-18 Worn Stone

Updated: Sun Dec 24 11:37:10 2006

Worn Stone

I'm cheating today - I spotted this patterned stone block in Bath as part of a wall a couple of days ago.

2006-12-17 Lucknam Park Drive

Updated: Sun Dec 24 00:47:04 2006

Lucknam Park Drive

We didn't get much done today aside from meet with my parents for coffee, so have a picture of the insane driveway to Lucknam Park. Madness.

2006-12-16 Bath Abbey

Updated: Sun Dec 24 00:45:16 2006

Bath Abbey

We spent a large part of today wandering round Bath before catching our train back to Canterbury. We were very impressed with Bath Abbey - not only is it right in the middle of the city, but unlike Canterbury Cathedral they seem to take a more active role in the community - including some short carol services for weary saturday shoppers.

Most impressive was the AV setup they had - filming the service and displaying it on large flatscreens dotted around the abbey so everybody got a chance to see.

Some amazing stained glass windows too - I shall try and get round to posting pictures at some point.

2006-12-15 Lucknam Park

Updated: Sun Dec 24 00:41:23 2006

Lucknam Park

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay at the lovely Lucknam Park hotel near Bath. This is a picture of the front of the house.

2006-12-14 Dalek

Updated: Sun Dec 24 00:39:25 2006


Another one from the Doctor Who Advent calendar. Shame about the horrible calendar chocolate contained behind most of the doors.

2006-12-13 Candle

Updated: Sun Dec 24 00:38:06 2006


I actually took this last night in the Cathedral but I like this one, so I'm cheating today.

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