Sharkware Mailman


Mailman is a really useful tool for managing POP3 email accounts. Mailman allows you to manage your email, while it is still on the server, so you don't even have to download your mail to delete it. Mailman also gives you chance to preview messages without downloading the full message. This can be very useful if you are on a slow connection, or receive large files through email.

UPDATE: 14th January 2002

Moved mailman from the lame sharkware site onto my own. There will be no further active development by me, although when I get the time, I'll probably end up releasing it as open source. If anyone wants any crap VB source, anyway.

Please bear in mind that this is beta software, and will not be as stable, nor have all the features of the final version. Check back regularly for new releases.

Updates Since Beta 4

A lot of work has gone into beta 5, to correct bugs, add new features, and improve overall efficiency. Improvements over Beta 4 include:

Known Issues

Most of the issues from the last beta have been corrected. There are a couple of issues here that may be corrected, but do not pose any real problem.


OK, you know the drill by now. Ben Charlton provides absolutely no warranty with this software. I cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss of data, materials, property, sanity, business, money, or losses of any kind caused by using this software. You are using it at your own risk. If you do not agree with this, then don't download it. This software is the copyright of Ben Charlton.


The new version is compatible with the previous datafiles, so should not require accounts to be set up again. For best results, uninstall any previous versions of Mailman you have installed. The datafiles will be left in place. You may need the VB6 Runtime files.

Download Mailman (918 KB)

To install mailman, extract the files from the zip archive, and run the setup.exe file to install.

Download VB 6 Runtime Files (1 MB) Just download and run. These are the official Microsoft runtime files.

Contact: site@spod.cx