Game of Life Clock

My Game of Life Clock, based on John Conway's Game of Life

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Originally I wrote a prototype of this using Perl and SDL following a conversation on a train with a couple of friends about cool things to do with lots of LEDs. It worked pretty well but wasn't really straightforward to get working on anything other than linux, so I uploaded a video of the clock to youtube, showed a few friends then forgot about the project.

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Mutton showed me his excellent interactive JavaScript/HTML5 Mandelbrot fractal browser which uses the HTML5 Canvas element to render rectangles. This is pretty much the perfect environment to redo the Game of Life clock, so on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I ported it over.

To my knowledge, this is still the only implementation of a game of life clock that I've seen where the clock digits actually take part in the life simulation.

I'd still love to see this implemented in hardware. If you do, please let me know.

As this relies on the HTML5 Canvas object, it should work fine on Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. It will not work in any current version of Internet Explorer, including IE8.