Unfair Council Tax 2006/2007

I will withhold 2.1% of my council tax this year, but only if 1000 other people will do the same.

The government target for inflation is 2.5%, but my council tax for Canterbury, Kent has increased by 4.6%. In the last year I've seen a significant decrease in the level of services offered, including insufficient salting/gritting of roads during winter, reduced rubbish collection, and inadequate road repairs. I don't get to arbitrarily decide that I need more money, and I don't believe it fair that councils have that right; especially as they've been doing so year on year while cutting back on services.

Living in a Band A property with my wife:

When my final payment is due on 03 Jan 2007, I shall withhold 16.95 until the council issue a court summons. I will appear in court, and inform the magistrate of my reasons for withholding this payment, and that 1000 people are doing the same.

At this point I shall pay the remainder if ordered to do so as I have family and work commitments that mean I can't take this as far as jail time.

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To join in with this pledge, please visit the pledgebank page. If you feel that you can't directly join the pledge, please consider helping to spread the word and help put and end to these insane council tax rises.

To calculate how much you should withhold, use my Council Tax Calculator

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