Leaked BNP Member List Map

As various news organisations have been reporting, the membership list for the British National Party has been leaked online. It seems a court injunction kept this quiet for some time, but the list has well and truly escaped - currently hosted on bittorrent and the wikileaks site.

To all those who have been emailing me abuse since I took down the map: Let me make it absolutely clear. My map did not reveal the details or specific location of any BNP member, it merely gave an approximate location based on postcode to give an idea of how many BNP supporters live in your area.


I have decided to take down the map. Many people have commented that the map does give a false impression of accuracy, despite my deliberately obscuring the locations. I do not want to single anybody out and by removing the accuracy from the map it is possible that it ends up incorrectly implying a property contains a BNP member. It has been suggested that an inaccurate map that doesn't make that clear is worse than publishing the list itself, and I think that's a reasonable comment.

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