T-Mobile Customer Service, Part II

Back in November I wrote about how I'd been impressed with T-Mobile's customer support, and while I'm afraid it's taken me a shameful amount of time to actually return the phone, I'm pleased to report that the repair of my phone has been extremely satisfactory.

I'd been using my old unlocked SPV C500, which isn't really a bad phone, and my current MDA Compact as a portable music player, but I finally got round to sending it back on a Thursday morning.

Firstly, I packed the phone securely in the returns bag T-Mobile had helpfully sent (we actually recieved 3 or 4 of these, but that's better than none...). This included a small cardboard box and some bubblewrap for the phone, and a small slip of paper to return with the phone. Very little effort to pack, and the envelope they'd included was a pre-paid Royal Mail Special Delivery bag, so there was a reasonable chance of it getting there in time.

On the following Monday, we got home to find a 'we tried to deliver a package' note posted through our letterbox, which turned out to be my phone. Not only had they fixed the fault in less than a week, but they'd done so by completely replacing the phone with a new unit - no scratches or marks of any kind. An additional bonus was the new battery (15 months into an 18 month contract) and an extra stylus.

Top marks for T-Mobile, again.

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