Sun T2000 disk benchmarks

In addition to my previous set of Sun disk benchmarks I've added the Sun T2000 disk benchmarks.

These disks are odd in that they're 72GB 10k RPM, but only 2.5" SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) rather than the normal 3.5" disks found in their other servers.


Sun Fire T2000


I've added the test results to the old results page. They're quite a lot slower than the SCSI disks in the V210, and the FC disks in the V490 across the board. While they are smaller disks, they run at the same speed, and in theory have a much smaller area to seek across, so I'm surprised that the performance hit is quite so dramatic. I'm also surprised that turning write-cacheing on had so little effect.

In summary, buy a T2000 if you need lots of concurrent threads, not for the disk I/O. Others have done large numbers of CPU benchmarks of this machine, so I won't bother repeating their work, but for threaded non-floating point workloads such as web serving and databases these Sun T2000 servers are staggeringly fast. That said, if you're running a disk-heavy database, it would be worth investing in some faster external disks.

I'd like to see Sun offering an option of the T2000 with some faster full-size disks - it's an otherwise excellent server at a great price, but let down by disappointing disk IO performance.

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