Scrabulous Cheats Are In The Minority

Along with the rise in popularity of the Scrabulous application on facebook, my cheat-o-matic has seen a vast increase in the number of people using it. At the beginning of July 2007, I was seeing around 6,000 'page views' per day according to Google Analytics. By August this had risen to 40,000 and was up to 85,000 by the end of October. At the time of writing at the beginning of December, I'm seeing over 110,000 page views per day from about 15,000 unique visitors. Impressively, something like 75% of these are returning visitors.

Is it reasonable to assume the majority of users of the cheat-o-matic are Scrabulous players? Yes, for two reasons. Firstly, he cheat-o-matic only started to get really busy shortly after the Scrabulous facebook app was launched. The second is immediately obvious whenever Scrabulous is having technical issues. If Scrabulous is down, the load on the webserver on which this website lives decreases significantly.

To compare my figures with the number of people using Scrabulous on a daily basis, we can look at the figures provided by facebook. Today, it reports: '505,449 daily active users, 27% of total'. Assuming this is a typical day then I'm seeing the usual 15,000 of those which is roughly 3% of the daily Scrabulous userbase. Obviously, mine isn't the only cheating tool, but I suspect it is one of the busiest, given my ranking on Google when you search for 'scrabble cheat'.

Clearly I can't guarantee that 97% of Scrabulous users are completely honest, but the figures suggest that on average the vast majority of those users aren't cheating. At least, not on my cheat-o-matic.

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