Electricity Suppliers

Switching suppliers is easy

npower orbs When we moved into our flat in May last year, our electricity was supplied by Seeboard, who are the default electricity supplier for this area. After a couple of months monitoring our electricity usage we used the fantastic USwitch service to look at which suppliers were cheapest. Since we don't have any gas to our flat, npower came out to be significantly cheaper, saving us over 150 per year.

Letting USwitch submit our details to npower was straightforward, and a few weeks later we the switch was complete. I'd recommend using this service to anyone.

I'd also like to recommend npower as an energy supplier - their customer service has been excellent so far, and their 'orbs' mascots are fantastic.

National Grid

On a related note, the National Grid Website has some interesting information on UK electricity supply and demand, including some funky UK transfer statistics, and demand over time graphs.

Now all I need is to find some way of monitoring our old style spinning-disc type electricity meter to generate some load graphs, much like Adam's electricity monitor for 58fr...

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