Birthday drinkies

Last night could be termed a success, plenty of people turned up, which was nice. It was good to see nert/allan/terry and ian again - it's been a while.

Started in the canterbury tales for a quick beer before nandos. Had all the chicken in the world followed by all the frozen strawberry yoghurt in the world. Strawberry frozen yoghurt and extra hot nandos sauce work surprisingly well together. Congrats to bethan for managing to create the biggest ice cream tower in the world. Ever. Nandos rocks.

We then moved on to ha!ha!'s - a funky bar place that does some great cocktails, and that's where it all went wrong. The welshman arrived, along with robbo and hannah, and pablo the greek, and proceeded to arrange cocktails of death.

The list:

2 Double Jack D and coke 3 shots of Kola Kubes stuff 1 shot of black sambuca 1 random small cocktail of unknown contents

and then these... Cocktail 1 Cocktail 2

I had no idea what was in these as I was drinking them, although ingredients were revealed to me over time. After drinking those two in an hour I was starting to feel really quite drunk. Was feeling fine, although quite drunk until we left at 11ish, and I started to walk, which stirred up the mix of stuff I had drunk. Was sick in a bin, which I'm sure has saved me from much much more suffering this morning.

Ordered a kebab when I got back. mmmm.

All in all, a successful night. Thanks to everyone who turned up, except for gary, who deserves to die for arranging the construction of those drinks.

Well done to GeeeZa for finding the coolest birthday card ever. It's blue, and it's covered in fur. I'll try and get a picture up later...

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