One Week

Another great day in a great week :)

Ended up giving blood, after standing around outside the vampire van for bloody ages with Lizzie, foo, rah, and GeeeZa, not helped by it being a couple of years since I last gave blood. This meant getting treated as a new person again, which takes ages. On the plus side, free Ben + Jerry's :)

Went back to 19b with Lizzie afterwards, in theory to stop her IRCing. Ended up having pizza and chips (thanks kim!) then IRCing while Lizzie cunningly avoided doing her essay by tidying her room ;)

Tonight makes it a week since we got together :)

Was good to see Phil again, who's down for some roleplaying this weekend, and staying at 19b.

On a slightly funny note, this makes me angry. I've exchanged emails with Derek Wyatt, MP before, and I'm unsurprised to see he's just as much of an idiot these days...