Freshers Fair

Another successful freshers fair, despite being completely exhausted and ill. Freshers flu is a real fucker.

A fairly decent turnout for animesoc again this year, with just under 50 paid signups, and well over double that for mailing list/showings signups. Things are looking good for breaking the 100 paid up members mark this year :) I only heard one mention of hentai this year, which seems to be better than last year, although I did hear someone ask "is this the pokemon society?" Unsurprisingly, I see David Pike is still a fucking moron, who managed to spend most of his time standing in front of, or sitting on the stall looking like a miserable bastard. Fortunately, he's only the animesoc safety officer, so he can't do too much damage, but he's high on my 'Who I'd like to kill if I can arrange a decent alibi' list.

On the plus side, this appears to be an excellent year for new freshers. I think they've added 'great tits' to the admissions requirements, and they've been working on a 3:1 female to male ratio. No complaints, but it is getting pretty distracting ;)

On an unrelated note, my prime numbers shitting bear is now approaching 20,000.