Cash Machine Vandalism

I'd like to offer a brief salute to the modern-day Ned Ludd who bravely stood up to "The Man" by smashing in the screen of one of the cashpoints on campus. While I regret I wasn't able to continue your stand against the evils of capitalism because I was in a bit of a rush, I assure you I didn't mind the extra 2 minutes I had to spend walking to the next cashpoint.

I am sure you'll be cruelly cut down in your prime like so many of the original Luddites, but I wish you well in your quest to single-handedly destroy these society-wrecking devices.

Of course, if you're just some drunken student who thought it would be a "bit of a laugh" then I hope the shattered bones in your hand never properly heal, and you're haunted by the dull aching stupidity of your actions whenever the weather is cold.


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