Eventful Evening

Just writing this down while it's fresh in my mind - it's what I saw/remember happening so it's missing some of the story that unfolded, but since we might end up giving a statement to the police this seems appropriate.

We dropped Phil at the bus station after his post-game ritual visit and feeding, which was nice, but not especially eventful.

In watling street car park (little-ish one round the back of whitefriars, near the bus stop) we were just getting into the car (I'd just sat down, but not closed door) when I heard this girl screaming "Help me! Someone Help Me!". After the initial "huh, what was that" moment, and realising it didn't sound like someone taking the piss, I worked out where it was coming from, looked over, and saw (out of the corner of my eye, and from the wrong angle to clearly see what happened) someone fall over, and a car drive forward. I got out the car, and saw a black Mercedes C class (I think) with a custom plate come towards us, then stop, and a man (6ish feet tall, dark hair, expensive looking clothes) got out. As I stepped forward to try and see what was going on, I saw a girl lying on the floor, and the man started to walk towards her.

I went over to her - she wasn't moving - and at the same time, the man started saying something along the lines of "She'll be ok, she's done this lots of times before. She tried to key my car. She's had a lot to drink - she kicked off like this in cafe rouge".

I checked she was breathing (she was) and she didn't really seem to be conscious but her eyes were flickering a lot, so another man phoned for an ambulance. We weren't sure if she'd hit her head after falling over, so I was reluctant to move her (First aid training seems an awfully long time ago now), but eventually we moved her to the recovery position given that she'd apparently been drinking.

The guy in the merc kept trying to get her to wake up and come home with him, but he didn't seem to care that she was seemingly unconcious, or had fallen on concrete. He said she was his girlfriend and that they'd been chucked out of cafe rouge after she'd knocked over tables.

After the ambulance arrived the paramedics managed to get her to sit up with assistance, and asked if she was ok. She was mouthing words, and struggled to sit up, so I helped support her and tried to hear what she was saying. Merc guy wasn't helping as he repeated his "drunk, done it before, she'll be ok" story at great volume while she tried to talk to the paramedics. I eventually hear her say 'neck' when asked if anything hurt. When she was asked if she was ok she whispered "not him, I want the police, don't make me go home with him". After I repeated this to the ambulanceman who didn't catch it the first time, Merc guy repeated his story about her doing this before, to which she responded "he's under investigation by the police, they know about him, he's trying to kill me".

The ambulancemen managed to get her to stand, and she started to repeat very loudly the previous claims and the man repeated that she was drunk and had done this before.

The police were called by the ambulance men, and they took the girl to the ambulance to check she was ok and to have a chat in private. The Merc guy took names and contact number of myself and the other man who'd called the ambulance. When one of the paramedics got out of the ambulance, she looked at him, and said something to him, but I didn't hear what she said. At that point he went back to his car, and drove off.

The police arrived, and after one of the ambulance men relayed what had happened so far, we gave them his car registration and our contact details.

Lizzie was standing and saw more than I did - apparently he pushed the girl over, and tried to drive off as she was trying to get back into the car. I only caught her falling over out of the corner of my eye, so I didn't see this. I dunno if things had unfolded as he claimed, or if he's as much of a sleazy bastard as he seemed (or possibly both, and they deserve each other), but she's at least safe with the police for tonight.

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