Lame 20 things meme


Write 20 things about yourself. Then tag as many people as it take minutes for you to write these 20 things

  1. I got married less than 2 weeks ago
  2. I'm currently waiting for a plumber to arrive to fix a water leak
  3. I had an chilli, cheese and onion omelette for lunch
  4. I think the Braun Tassimo is the best invention evar.
  5. We have some chairs made by ikea called "Jeff". Everytime we use them I have to do an impression of Jeff's mum from coupling.
  6. I wish I didn't have to go back to work on monday.
  7. I wish I didn't have to wash the pots in the next hour or so.
  8. I currently have a cold.
  9. I think 'Roses are Red' by Aqua is a great song. Because it is.
  10. My 2.49 multimeter was an absolute bargain from Maplin.
  11. I'm currently listening to REM.
  12. My website averages 200,000 hits per month.
  13. I'm now listening to AC-DC - For those about to rock (we salute you!)
  14. There's a button on our bed marked "Eject Seat"
  15. I'm director of a company.
  16. I shamelessly took part in queueing for fuel at 11pm on Monday night.
  17. I hate mushrooms.
  18. And badgers.
  19. I'm a knife and saucepan snob.
  20. I had a kebab last night because Lizzie made me.

I nominate: only trappermcintyre, because I'm lazy.