We've moved(ish)

We picked up the keys to our new flat on saturday, followed by a mad dash to my parents to pick up a mattress and other assorted junk, then off to canterbury to drop it off.

We then went up to Ikea for furniture while Lizzie and her mum went to get material for curtains. Returning to Canterbury with bed, bookcase, bedside table, and a small chest of drawers, along with other small bits, we got back in time for Eurovision, with Atuin and Xiphi joining us for a mini eurovision/furniture building party.

Lots of fun had, and many thanks to our parents for much assistance and assorted household goods.

I've phoned BT this morning to sort out a phone line, and we've got an engineer visiting Thursday morning "because the line hasn't been used for a while". No connection fee, but I suspect removal of a DACS unit may be the reason. On the plus side, the guy I spoke to at BT seemed to be very helpful and fairly competent, although I'm sure this is just a temporary glitch in the BT operation.

Hopefully we'll have ADSL sorted out soonish...

Edit: Christine's photos of the weekend.

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