Bad driving, angry Ben.

To the driver of the White Toyota Carina E, reg: R187 FNJ:


Love, Ben


So, this idiot reversed into us in the sainsbury's carpark this afternoon. Fortunately there's no damage, but I'm incredibly pissed off as he reversed into us, then drove off. We followed him round the carpark, flashing our lights and beeping our horn at him, but he carried on and drove off on the main road.

Should we let this go, or should we report him to the police? There was no damage to our car, but this might not be the case next time he does it...

Advice please.

Another Edit: Spoke to the police, and they considered it worth reporting given his driving off. They've taken the details over the phone, and we've got to go and fill in an accident report form at the local station.

I'll be keeping an eye out for his car, too...