The damned key, the wretched key,
the worst key on the keyboard.
The bane of my life,
the so inconsiderately placed that it must have been on purpose key,
the key that leads me to anger and forces me to drink.

The key with the L. E. D. all of it's own.
The accident key
the oh bugger key,
the I've been typing forever and have to start again key.

The loud key,
the shouting key,
the thief of all intimacy.

The hated key, the hate-filled key
the key that eats the soul from me.

Who will save me from the key?
Who can overcome its power to destroy
and the weight of its get-in-the-way-of-me?
Set me free.
From the key.

The wretched fucking caps-lock key.

-- shamelessly stolen from drew.

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