About me

My name is Ben Charlton.

I'm a slightly cynical 37 year old, married to the most wonderful woman in the world. I work for the computing service at a UK university. I look after a number of shiny Sun and Intel boxes, although my job is becoming more of a unix development/integration role than providing day-to-day support. In short, I love my job - lots of variety, and always a challenge.

I enjoy anything computer/net related, and a large chunk of my time is spent online. In short, I'm a geek and proud of it.

I write perl for fun. I enjoy a wide variety of music, and my photography skills seem to be slowly improving. I have to admit to enjoying good sci-fi.

Contacting me

My email address is ben@spod.cx

You can find my public PGP key here.

About the site

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